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Wood Waste Recycling

Wood waste recycling saves money so it is worth implementing. We provide a collection and recycling service for all forms of commercial wood waste, including wooden pallets, wooden structures, and wooden crates. The wood is first graded and sorted before being 100% recycled for reuse in the timber industry, recycled into chipboard or turned into animal bedding.

How much is wood waste worth?

Wood recycling is normally a chargeable service, however, this is still a far more cost efficient means of disposing of wood than landfill. We can provide discounted rates for those on our total waste management solution.

How much does it cost to dispose of wood waste?

The cost of wood disposal depends on the grade, quality and quantity of wood waste in question. For example, it’s cheaper to dispose of clean wood than it is to dispose of painted wood. This due to the additional processing requirements needed to recycle painted wood.
For an accurate quotation please speak to one of our advisers.

Why recycle wood waste?

An estimated 80% of wood waste produced in the UK ends up in landfill, this not only impacts the environment, it costs millions. Recycling wood is a much more cost effective means of disposal, so it makes sense to recycle as much wood waste as possible. We recycle 100% of the wood we receive minimising the cost of disposal.