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We are a forward thinking, innovative Total Waste Management Company with over 50 years in the market place servicing companies across the UK both large and small. Our fleet is privately owned, as is our recycling plant. We have invested in the top technology machinery and all our processes are done in an efficient and eco-friendly manner.

One thing we are not, is a broker. We are a direct recycler to the end user and we utilise our own fleet of vehicles, plant & machinery to ensure a holistic package. Returning value and revenue to our client base is the number one priority.

Few other similar companies can compete with us due to our high level of investment in large scale recycling, with 1,000’s tonnes of metal being processed every month. Both ferrous and non ferrous grades are processed to the highest standard meeting our customers’ expectations every time.

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Customer Requirements:

We ensure via email or telephone that we obtain the correct details to what the customer requires, such as what movement they require and when they need it done. Our services are tailored to suit your business and production output requirements.


We have a large transport team with privately owned and tracked vehicles. Efficient transport planning and routing ensures reduction of our own fleets Carbon footprint and our partners.


We collect, process and recycle up to 1,000 tonnes of metals per day through our privately owned large scale shredder. We also have the capability to export over 20,000 tonnes of metals in foundry every month!

Reporting & Auditing:

At RML we pride ourselves on our in house reporting systems. Accurate and comprehensive reporting allows our logistics staff to better plan, forecast and support you.

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