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A true scrap metal recycling service that reaches further

We buy and recycle ferrous, non-ferrous and precious scrap metal from commercial and industrial sites across the UK. Our scrap metal prices are known as the best in the business and our efficient segregation fully supports your business.

One thing we are not is a broker or merchant that simply sells your metal on to a recycling company for a higher price. We utilise our own metal recycling facilities to process thousands of tonnes every day. In fact, we are one of the few independent recycling companies that process on this scale.

Make space, win big

Your floor space is a premium part of your business, so why put up with the clutter of old machinery when you could utilise the room for something much better.  Clearing out your factory floor is a great way to improve your health and safety by reducing unnecessary trip-hazards and taking away those drums full of unused chemicals.

Even better, for every metric tonne of metal that we remove from your business we will pay you an agreed rate based on the latest commercial market movements.

Take the Price Challenge

It’s simple, we want to maintain our lead through honestly and commerciality.  Click here and submit some basic information, our sales team will return a comprehensive, no obligation quote.

You never know, you might be much better off selling to us, so why wait?


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Written by Yvonne Manders