Please be advised that from Monday 23rd March 2020 we will be changing the way that we interact with your drivers
delivering materials to our site, along with skip services on site when we are either delivering/exchanging/collecting containers.
Our drivers normally have printed tickets and generally work alone. Driver and office staff interactions will be limited as much as
we are able to during working operations.
The printed tickets that our staff use require a customer to handle the document and this constitutes a health hazard risk to
both our employees and the customer representative.
Therefore, for the period of the pandemic the driver will not hand the ticket to the customer.
Our employees will stand approximately 2 metres from the customer representative and will take the customer’s name. The driver
will write the customer’s name onto the document on the customers behalf, our employee will then write in the customers
signature box “COVID-19”. A scanned copy of these documents will be sent with your invoice on a daily / weekly basis to the
relevant email address we hold for you.
Prompt payment would be extremely appreciated to enable us to continue with our high level of
service and supporting our workforce during these unprecedented times.

If you wish these documents to be sent to any other email address for each load, please email
The above procedure is being implemented for the safety of all concerned.

Please be assured however that we will work with our supply chain through these unprecedented times to ensure that your Waste

Transfer Notes are completed as thoroughly as possible whilst observing safe social distancing measures.

Thanks for your co-operation in this matter.

Yvonne Manders

Managing Director

Call us: 0121 328 5000