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Our Dry Mixed Recycling solutions really make a splash

We all use packaging at some point, be it cardboard, paper or shrinkwrap, and pretty soon it becomes a waste stream in itself.  Don’t confuse this with ‘general’ waste though, they’re two different streams and could be converted to revenue if handled properly.

We advise speaking with one of our Team to ascertain just what you have on site.  You’d be surprised how much packaging isn’t segregated and the volumes that make their way into ‘general’ waste containers can be high.

Lower grades of cardboard waste may actually be chargeable, but you might be able to get a discounted disposal cost when we provide a total waste management solution.

Balers & Compaction Units makes converting your waste easy

If you produce high volumes of cardboard waste, it may prove beneficial to install a baler or compactor unit. A baler will decrease the cost of transport and may actually increase the value of the waste.  Our Team are happy to discuss your options with you over the phone or in person, just get in touch with us on (0121) 328 5000.

Take the Price Challenge

It’s simple, we want to maintain our lead through honestly and commerciality.  Click here and submit some basic information, our sales team will return a comprehensive, no obligation quote.

You never know, you might be much better off selling to us, so why wait?

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Written by Yvonne Manders