Your roadmap to total waste management

At Recycling Management Ltd we take great pride in supporting and guiding our clients towards achieving their waste management targets.

We do this by visiting site and discussing how our services can be supportive. This is a regular service and is what you would expect from a local, trusted supplier.

At no time are you obliged to utilise the services of Recycling Management Ltd and the ESS Report does not form any sort of contract. We do, however, recommend that the services within the report are best carried out by Recycling Management Ltd as we are the only waste management supplier in the Midlands to offer the full range support structure from cradle to grave.

The cost of the initial site visit is £110.00 per hour (min 1 hour) and the ESS Report costs £580.00 to produce.  When you weigh this cost against your company’s ability to transform its waste management practices and save costs across multiple areas, it presents incredible value for money.

However, we feel that you deserve a much more comprehensive review of your requirements and in partnership with our Compliance Specialists, Recycling Management Ltd are proud to deliver a totally new way of working towards reaching your environmental goals.

The process could not be simpler and the benefits to your company will be felt for months, if not years to come.

So, how do we achieve this? Firstly we speak to you about your requirements and discuss the environmental topics that are most pressing to your company. We then carry out a full, detailed examination of your site. This involves a one to two hours visit taking in every single container, manufacturing practice and waste stream across your company. This information is taken back to our Compliance Department where our specialists will create a roadmap for your company and highlight the areas where changes can be made. This report is produced as a glossy A4 document and returned to you to sign and pledge commitment to.

So call 0121 328 5000 today and speak to one of our consultants or fill out the form and we will get back to you

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