When you really think about it, most people have a plastic bottle or two that they get rid of daily. That’s a whole lot of plastic that we don’t want to see littered on the ground or filling up landfills. And that’s where the reverse vending machine comes in.

Reverse vending machines don’t just recycle your old plastic bottles, they reward you for it. What better way to get people on board and excited about recycling than by giving them an incentive to do it?

This article aims to explain reverse vending machines, how they are used, where to find one and how they are changing the face of recycling as we know it.

So, this is how you use one:

  • Enter your plastic bottles into the machine one at a time. The display panel on the front of the machine will keep count of each item you deposit.
  • Once you have entered all of your bottles, hit the button on the front of the machine. The machine will then print out a receipt with a cash value on the front. This amount can be redeemed for cash at a till within the store.
Written by Yvonne Manders