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See if Recycling Management can reduce carbon footprint & drive down cost, minimising environmental impact and reduction to landfill

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We take the time to listen & understand our customers, support then in how they can make money, where they are incurring costs and then to tailor our service to deliver value to them in the form of cost & efficiency savings and revenue shares that go straight onto their bottom line.
Providing a  fully account-managed service that offers the very best in scrap metal pricing with collections nationally and local, focussing on client satisfaction we take personal pride in helping you achieve your goals.
Every day our consultants visit companies to audit and assess the value of implementing a Waste Management Plan, we have aligned our business to the four key pillars of ISO14001 and continue to bring performance improvements across all waste streams through managed segregation and carefully considered planning.
We also collect packaging, hazardous, WEEE wastes, pallets & materials from site using our large fleet of skips and vehicles.
  • Our review is deliberately designed to help you understand how your materials are generated, collected, moved and then removed from your facility
  • We will identify improved methodologies which deliver cost reductions, efficiency and assess your processes giving you a clear recommendation
  • Increase your business efficiency, whilst maximising your business revenue from all your waste streams
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Welcome to Recycling Management
Welcome to Recycling Management Ltd Are you a Domestic or a Commercial customer?
Commercial Domestic

Customer Reviews

Recycling Management Ltd

Customer Reviews

Mrs. Wood 14/12/2020

Debbie is an excellent representative, always extremely helpful, responsive to queries and very friendly. She always goes the extra mile to help and works with us to make things as smooth as possible. Couldn't ask for more really!

Mr. Price 14/12/2020

Good and very professional service. Easy to deal With great rates of pay offered, would recommend 100%.

Mr. Aucott 28/12/2020

Hi and a happy new year to you all. My apologies for not filling this out sooner but just been so busy. Can't complain at all about your services, you always try and accommodate our needs as its hard to judge when our bins will be full but you always help us out. And as for your representative Mr Lee Perry, well........ what can one say....... he's salt of the earth and always been upfront with me and he's always been there at the end of the phone with help and advice when needed, even when I've contacted him over the weekend or at alton towers. In a nutshell I'd recommend recycling management to anyone, 10 out of 10 all around. Cheers, Tim Aucott

Mr Davidson December 2020

Generally very good from the office to drivers. Confirmination of collection time / day could be slightly improved but overall very happy with the service.

Mr Duncan Decemeber 2020

Always on time and as always, done efficiently and with no fuss”

Mr Benton December 2020

Always supporting us with excellent service. Scap metal collections are always on time and drivers are incredibly professional. We have been empowered by a reliable supplier offering very good payment terms. Trust and faith in the service offered from Recycling Management”

Mr Marson Email

In most cases we have been serviced well. Lee is and has always been very quick to respond to any of our issues.

The main issue for ourselves has been failed collections other than that things have gone very well over the last 12 months.

Mrs Cooper December 2020

Excellent service provided by Lee

Gordan Moss

Always willing to go that extra mile when needed, thank you

Dave Radarm

We have used RML across many projects for years, skip collection for my scrap metal. They can be trusted and payment is always prompt. They offer great service and the drivers are extremely helpful.
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