Our New Company Video Is Here!

Hello fellow MiM Family Members!

It’s been a while since our last post, but believe me when I say we have been busy working on our new website and much, much more.  All designed to make the customer experience just that little bit easier.

The Team are all busy as can be, but it’s all smiles as we head into the final stretch.

While we finish the final testing we though it would be a good time to share our new company video with you all.  We didn’t want to spend thousands of pounds on something that would be made and edited by people who had no idea what our business was really about, so like all things here at RML we decided to simply make our own.  Yes, the quality could have been tremendous and we’re quite positive that drone footage is wonderful to watch but where’s the heart if it’s not made by the people who actually work there?

Anyway, we worked long and hard using quite basic tools to produce, what we think, is a great introduction to everything we do here at RML.

So, without further delay, here it is:  2018 RML Video

And yes, that is our Group Sales & Marketing Director Ian Kelly doing his best ‘cinema-voice-over’ impression!  We genuinely hope you enjoy it.

Now, to other business – where is everybody?  We offered the MiM Family a free site audit worth £275, and then made a pledge to pay you £30 ABOVE your current Ferrous Metal prices, which are both pretty amazing offers.

The offers still stand and the aforementioned Ian will be at the MiM Event on 15th November in Coventry, so why not come over and say hello to him.  He is a terribly nice man and will chat all day about Waste Management if you let him.

So, enjoy the video and let’s all agree that we like money, we like supporting each other and you owe it to your business to at least get a quote for your metals.  Who knows, that scrap machinery you’ve been meaning to shift out of your yard might pay for staff Christmas drinks…

Be safe, and recyle.

Call us: 0121 328 5000