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Looking to add value to your current waste streams?

Trying to save money on your waste…

Why use Recycling Equipment?

As much as we all make an effort to maximise our segregation and reduce waste, there are times
when the mountain is too steep to climb and a little help is needed. We are able to supply machinery
that takes away the strain and adds a new revenue income for your business. Having compaction or
baling equipment also reduces the amount of collections you might need.

How does the process work?

It’s simple to use recycing equipment, and the process can begin once we have some key information.
Firstly; we need to agree the type of equipment you need, and ascertain that using equipment is right
option for you. There is no long-term benefit to quick fixes, so we take our time to talk to you about
just what the issues you are facing are.

Do you have a mountain of packaging waste that blows around your site?

Perhaps you produce scrap metal and you’re concerned about the amount of oil you are wasting?
Secondly; whatever equipment you need it’s usually kept in stock, however sometimes there may
be a waiting time, in which case your local office will let you know. Pricing is simple either by rental
for 3 or 5 years, or purchasing, and the requirements for siting the equipment are common to most
manufacturing facilities and will be discussed with you on our visit.

Types of equipment:

Compaction units
Bin hoists
Dock-loading platforms
Refuse chutes
Wood chippers
Swarf spinners

Written by Yvonne Manders