Recycling Management’s FREE Brochures are available now

Time certainly has flown since we last met at the MIM Expo in June.  Many of you already know that RML launched our latest 2018/19 Brochures on the day, but we are aware that some of you didn’t get your copies.

It couldn’t be easier to pick up a copy and regardless of your requirements there is support for all types of manufacturing in our pages.  The Brochures are split into three distinct categories; Scrap Metal Management, Waste Management, Reporting & Auditing.

Our Sales & Marketing Director, Ian Kelly was on hand earlier to discuss the thinking behind three separate brochures, “At RML we spend a great deal of time with our client base discussing how our services can support their specific requirements and not just attempting to apply a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach as other waste management companies are known to do.  We listened to our cherished customers and it became apparent that not all manufacturing companies have a requirement for scrap metal and waste management, and some only want guidance through auditing and support via reporting. 

We made the decision to deliver three brochures to market in the knowledge that local manufacturing has very specific requirements spread across a wide number of waste streams, from scrap to packaging and from hazardous to factory clear-outs.

Our brochures are designed to support, inform and ultimately help the client make the decision to utilise RML, its private fleet and our fantastic bespoke logistics software, for all waste output.”

If you would like a copy of our brochure then simply click here and leave your details.  We’ll have a copy to you in the post straight away.

We’ll see you at the next Breakfast Meeting!

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