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One of the most popular applications is our client portal.

We want to empower you with information and data that is truly useful and simple to access at the same time.
It’s truly a living place where each and every document you need is housed, ready for immediate download at any time of the day or night.
Our staff actively monitor the Portal to ensure that all data is up to date and you have access to every report, legislative document and certificate you need.

At Recycling Management Ltd we pride ourselves on our in-house waste reporting systems. Accurate and comprehensive reporting allows our logistics staff to better plan, forecast and support you.

By giving you the choice of GreenLight we ensure that your data is relevant to your business needs.

Our three-tiered reporting suite works to capture the data behind your waste collections and save you time by processing and presenting the information that you need, when you need it in an easy to digest format.

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