We offer a comprehensive factory clearance package.


Whether you run a small factory premises or a large industrial unit, there will come a time when your existing machinery becomes redundant and needs to be replaced. Recycling Management Ltd provides a convenient, compliant and professional service for site and factory clearance. We can help you repurpose your existing site or clear new sites so they can be used for a news application with a complete factory metal clearance.

Recycling Management are licenced and experienced in factory clearances and our fully trained team will provide you with a complete service. The first stepping stone in your factory clearance project is to plan all aspects of the services that you will require and from the commencement to completion, Recycling Management will  provide a completely seamless process.

Be assured that our aim is to complete your site clearance in a timely manner, disassembling and recycling any machinery, removing all waste materials, providing transport, providing containers and skips and ensuring that everything that can be recycled is done so in the upmost eco-friendly and appropriate manner. We have a dedicated mission to keeping landfill waste to a minimum.

As a company we specialise in scrap metal recycling, buying ferrous and non ferrous metals. We have a large scale shredder on site which allows us to process up to 1,000 tonnes of metal each day. We can offer our customers competitive prices for any waste materials that are uplifted during site /  factory clear-outs. As well, we have the safety records allowing us to operate safety on high risk factory clearance projects. We have ADR qualified drivers and can provide integrated solutions for the removal and safe disposal of hazardous chemicals and contaminated materials.

So why choose Recycling Management for your site clearance?

  • Guidance and expertise on planning your project
  • Processing and recycling equipment/ skip hire.
  • Confidential waste disposal/ secure shredding.
  • Removal, dismantling and recycling of redundant plant and machinery.
  • Provide our own transport, skips and containers to get the job done efficiently.
  • Provide all waste transfer notes and receipts.
  • Total site clearance complying with all Health and Safety at work regulations.