The Importance of Circular Economy within the Manufacturing Industry

A Circular economy is based on the closed loop economy. Unlike the ‘traditional’ Linear production model where we make, consume and throw away; the Circular Economy operates on the basis that resource are finite and takes into consideration environmental, social and governance costs. Traditionally in the linear economy, the manufacturing industry’s role is to simply produce goods and services, whereas using the circular economy the manufacturing industry’s role is to generate products and services that are sustainable in the long term and profitable. The circular economy ultimately allows the life cycle of products to be extended by reusing, repairing and recycling existing materials for as long as possible, therefore reducing waste to landfill to a minimum.

Not surprisingly manufacturing companies have begun applying the circular economy to their operations because they understand that doing so will cost them money in the present, yet will reduce their expenditures and improve overall business continuity in the long run.

Some key benefits:

  • Ability to increase revenues and reduce costs.
  • Reducing waste to landfill.
  • Advances in productivity, efficiency and resilience.
  • Enhancement of brand image and recognition, gaining brand loyalty from reducing your ecological footprint and overall environmental impact.

Metals are key to a circular economy. In order for a circular economy to be built at scale, we need to upturn stocks of durable materials which can have multiple life cycles, as opposed to consumables which imminently become waste. Metals have the ability to be recycled most indefinitely and have important properties which make them irreplaceable in many uses. Therefore, a true circular economy is a closed loop system in which ‘metals never become waste’, but instead are seen as valuable stocks which can be used over and over again. That means scrap metal can be repeatedly transformed into new material suitable for manufacturing and construction.

Here at Recycling Management Ltd we work closely with all Manufacturers turning the remnants of all the industrial scrap metals transforming the post-production scrap metal into new materials that can be used to create consumer and industrial goods such as; Aluminium windows, electronic goods, steel coils. We have invested not only in our people, our services, but our technology to turn your bi-products such as borings and turnings separating and purifying the wastes into product.

By Products and Waste

Our aim is to reuse as much post production scrap metal & by- product as we can direct into mill or end use. Our ambition is to eliminate all unnecessary landfilling of residues. Providing a closed loop for all our clients who produce metals, wastes, wood, Hazardous, Electrical, cables, nonferrous & precious metals.

All of our services are helping to build the circular economy:

  • Scrap metal collections
  • Factory Contracts
  • Skip-RORO hire
  • Site/Factory clearance
  • Electrical waste
  • Hazardous waste
  • Office recycling
  • Total Waste Management Service

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