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Safe disposal of Batteries


Often mislabelled and incorrectly stored, WEEE waste is part of the Hazardous family, but also has it’s own set of rules for governance. Firstly, WEEE stands for Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment and is a Directive introduced into UK law in 2007. Any item that has incurred an electrical charge and is to be disposed of falls under the banner of WEEE. The Directive is designed to prevent any commercial electronic or electrical equipment making it’s way to landfill.


Each battery chemistry family requires a different recycling process, as each process is designed to recover the particular materials in that battery type.  
The main chemical families of batteries are:
    Electrical Waste
  • Lead Acid
  • Zinc-based (Alkaline, Zinc Carbon etc.)
  • Nickel Cadmium
  • Nickel Metal Hydride
  • Primary (single-use) Lithium
  • Lithium Ion (rechargeable or secondary Lithium)
  • Mercuric Oxide
  • Silver Oxide


If you’re unable to find the waste management service that meets your requirements, please contact our sales team who will be able to assist.

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