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Why do we segregate paper, cardboard and soft plastics?

When you think of your company’s general waste there’s a good chance it includes paper, cardboard and plastic. In the past it would have been acceptable to simply lump them all together and send the lot to landfill, but not anymore.


It’s vital that you look at paper, cardboard and plastic as a separate waste stream with a view to implementing thorough segregation across your site. This waste stream is called Dry Mixed Recycling and all three can be compacted or baled. For certain grades of plastic and cardboard there is a potential revenue return.

  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Correx
  • Shrinkwrap
  • Soft Plastics

Do you pay for cardboard and soft plastic?

Depending on the type of material and the volume, yes. In a lot of cases the cardboard is of a lower quality and is a chargeable recovery, but discounts can be applied if the collection is part a larger waste package such as metal collection.


For companies that produce a higher quantity of cardboard we would suggest the implementation of a baler to reduce the transport, logistics and environmental impact. Baled materials carry a potential source of revenue, something you’d miss if your business throws it’s dry materials in with the general waste.

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What about paper, is that worth anything?

No, there is no value to paper on it’s own. The true value comes from the effectiveness of recycling over landfilling. Paper is recycled and reused by countless bodies and forms the basis for a multitude of outlets from newspapers to magazines, flyers and brochures.


The cost to recycle paper is, like so many waste streams, affected by market conditions and the volumes you have on site. But always think, every time you make the choice to recycle paper you are directly affecting the environmental picture by reducing production emissions, deforestation and carbon output.


If you’re unable to find the waste management service that meets your requirements, please contact our sales team who will be able to assist.

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