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Why would you use Recycling Equipment?

Recycling Equipment

As much as we all make an effort to maximise our segregation and reduce waste, there are times when the mountain is too steep to climb and a little help is needed. As part of our ongoing effort to bring value to your business we can supply you with machinery that will take the strain and change the way you manage your waste streams.


What machinery do you have in stock?


Our fleet of machinery is ready to take the weight and create a solution out of your waste problem. We’d always advise that you speak with one of the Team first regarding your particular issues.


    Adding value to recycling
  • Balers
  • Compaction Units
  • Bin Hoists
  • Dock Loading Platforms
  • Refuse Chutes
  • Hoppers
  • Wood Chippers/Mulchers
  • Swarf Spinners

What’s the difference between a Baler and a Compaction Unit?

During the process of recycling the volume of Dry Mixed Recycling can mean an increased number of collections and wagons on the roads. The knock-on effect is a reduction in efficiency and a much increased environmental impact. Balers and Compaction Units are designed to reduce this impact, but what is the difference between the two?

Waste Baler  
  • Balers take your Dry Mixed Recyclates and create a wire-bound ‘bale’ approximately 1m². The advantages of baling are many, with opportunity for revenue return and reduction (and ultimately removal) of skips being two of them. We supply them on the basis of either renting or purchasing outright. Our rental agreements cover both 3 or 5 year leases and the prices you pay are reflected in this. Balers are both static and mobile with some adapted to offer additional options such as bin hoists or hoppers, all you need is 3-phase power and hard-standing.

  • Compaction Units work in a similar way to balers, but instead of wire- bound bales the waste is compacted over time by feeding a hopper at the rear of an adapted container unit. Once again the impact on transport and logistics is greatly reduced and the machinery is safe to use on any applicable site. The rental agreements and lead-times are roughly the same as our Balers, and we’ll supply Roll-on/roll-off containers on delivery day.


How does the process work?

It’s simple, and relatively painless! First, one of our Team will contact you regarding a site assessment and from there it’s a matter of getting together to have a good look at your requirements.

When it’s agreed that Recycling Equipment is the best option then it’s time to create an account with us, followed by details of the equipment and the costings dependent on the time frame for payment you’ve agreed.

Once the purchase order is issued then it can take approximately 8 to 10 weeks for machinery to be made available to your site, should it not be in stock. We never utilise anything that has not had a full test if returned from a previous site and non-stock items are always going to take a short while to become fully available.

Of course, if the item is in stock at one of our yards then the wait time is reduced and the machinery will be made available as soon as the relevant pre-lease checks have been carried out.


In both cases we will provide you with installation and training free of charge
*Services and twice-yearly maintenance are charged separately

Find out more about the key waste management services offered

Plastic Recycling
All types of plastic is bought and recycled dependent on weight and grade
Metal Recycling
Comprehensive recycling of all ferrous, non-ferrous and precious metals
Dry Mixed Recycling
Cardboard, paper and soft plastics can all be segregated and properly recycled with our support
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