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What is Wood Waste?

Wood waste is one of the most prominent by-products generated by companies who utilise packaging waste.


This is a waste that can soon mount up on your site, causing all sorts of issues from blocked access points to trip hazards. A lot of the time it’s pallets causing the build-up, and depending on their condition they can be a real pain to dispose of. Other types of wood waste could be mdf-based chipboards or perhaps redundant tooling.

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How do we classify Wood Waste?

The wood waste you generate is usually classified in one of two ways:

  • Grade A – free from all contaminates, labels and plastic wrap
  • Grade C – contaminated with a percentage of mdf/chipboard, plastic wrap, labels or stickers

The cost to recycle Grade C is higher than Grade A due to the amount of processing involved, so if you can remove the contaminates prior to storing your waste wood it’s going to be in your favour.


  • Types of waste wood we recycle are:

    • Pallets
    • Tools
    • Formwork
    • Chipboard
    • MDF-based packing


Where does my Wood Waste go?

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Wood is biodegradable, and if left to rot in a landfill it can contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.
The EU Landfill Directive stipulates that all Biological Municipal Waste (BMW) must be diverted away from landfilling, and all steps should be taken to segregate and store the material correctly and safely.


Dependent on the grade of wood waste, it can be recycled into animal bedding, used for the production of new wooden products, composted for use as an RDF or shredded and mixed with adhesives to create composite wood such as laminate.


Recycling Management are committed to a 100% diversion from landfill and to ensuring that your wood waste is recycled and reused appropriately. This process will save you time and money while reducing your company’s impact on the environment.


If you’re unable to find the waste management service that meets your requirements, please contact our sales team who will be able to assist.

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