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When it comes to Plastic Recycling, we’re always on target

We buy and recycle plastic from commercial and industrial sites across the UK. Our prices are some of the best in the business and efficient segregation is key to maximising your return.

Plastic recycling is value-dependent on grade and quantity.

We go the extra distance to give you the best results

We buy all grades of plastic, including:

PP, HDPE, LDPE (bales), PS, Acrylic (PMMA), PS, Poly Carbonate, PVC, UPVC

Even better, for every metric tonne of plastic that we remove from your business we could pay you an agreed rate based on the latest commercial market movements.

Take the Price Challenge

It’s simple, we want to maintain our lead through honestly and commerciality.  Click here and submit some basic information, our sales team will return a comprehensive, no obligation quote.

You never know, you might be much better off selling to us, so why wait?





Written by Yvonne Manders